Various Recent Enceladus Images

Enceladus on Saturn Rather than waiting for NASA or U. Gordan to colorize this recent image of Enceladus against Saturn, I took it upon myself to fake it myself. I usually do not like to do it this way as it potentially misrepresents what the actual colors may look like, but I really think that these faked versions (also referred to as artistic representations) are likely pretty close. What was done was to add colors to the image based upon what other color images of similar conditions have looked like. The only thing that may be off is that the ring shadow colors may have been that Saturn peach (which in shadow looks brown) rather than the blue-green used here. Since other images of Dione shot against Saturn ring-shadows had the blues in them, I thought there was a pretty good chance this did as well. In the interest of telling the truth the originals have also been included.

Turns out U. Gordan did do one as well here.

Multiple Enceladus Geyser Images

Of the recent raw images of Enceladus, these had some interesting qualities I thought worth posting. They are more of the over-exposed variety for the purpose of exposing the geysers that have been discovered in the southern regions. I just thought at this further distance some of the images had a different feel to them. I highly recommend clicking on them for the high-res versions as nothing can be seen from the above thumbs.

Additionally, not sure… but I am thinking that third image may include the torus generated by the geysers or is that just a lens distortion of some kind?… anyone? I am thinking it is not an artifact as you can see a shadow of enceladus cutting through it diagonally in the upper-left.

Wallpaper: Enceladus Geysers in 3 Frames

And the wallpaper.