Another Amazing Animation from Maas Digital

Mars Rover Animation StillIf you have never seen the incredibly real animation of landing a Mars rover on Mars made by the people at MAAS Digital, you have to see this. Normally these computer generated animations are hardly real not only in look, but the physics usually feel quite fake as well. NASA finally got around to finding someone who could turn around a truly real animation of what landing on Mars actually looks and feels like. When stages drop and seperate you really get a sense of it. When the MER air bags inflate and bounce to a resting stop, you would swear there was a camera on the ground to capture the process.

Phoenix Animation StillNow the same masters at MAAS Digital give us a preview of what the Mars Phoenix Lander will hopefully be successfully executing in May of 2008 when it lands on the Martian surface. I didn’t get a chance to see the incredible MER animation until well after the mission was already operating at Mars, so it’s nice to see this well before the mission is even launched to get a sense of what is to come.